Friday, October 9, 2009

The Good, The Bad and The Strange..

The Bad:

  • Wine and Cheese are way too pricey.
  • All products you buy are not only written in English but also in french.. including the stove that not only says "bake time" but also "temps de cuisson" for them french people that live here.
  • Car windshield cracks from the cold/hot (I have a nice one trickling up where every morning i see it has expanded by an inch or so)
  • People say "pAsta" emphasis on the "A"
  • The street signs are retarded (soooo many of them that u dont know what to look at)
  • Kilometers instead of Miles
  • TV shows are delayed here by like a month
  • US clothing is wayyyyy over priced
  • People listen to house and techno most of the time
  • There's no point in washing your car, it gets dirty by the next hour
  • There's no TRADER JOES or TARGET
  • You have to buy your alcohol (including beer and wine) only at a liquor store
  • Cigarettes you can only by at a convenience store
  • The sun is too sharp.. i feel like my eye balls are tanning
  • When it hits -16 degrees Fahrenheit, do not breath through your mouth while you are outside!
  • Even if you don't like hockey you got to pretend you love it cause you will get kicked out of the country... Go FLAMES!!

The Good:

  • Jack FM is played here... straight in from Culver City ....
  • I found goat cheese for $2.99!
  • It's usually sunny no matter how cold it is.
  • There are 3 polish grocery stores really close by
  • You can find polish beers in almost every liquor store
  • They opened up a Bed Bath and Beyond here, woo hooo!!

The Strange:

  • Cars have electrical sockets hanging out of their hoods
  • "Eh" does not sound so foreign to me anymore
  • Mail-men drive their own cars and walk from house to house with the mail
  • Theres no mail on Saturday
  • I have yet to find a "post office" they have little mini ones located in drug stores
  • All the commercials you see on TV are 99.9% for the American audience... meaning, when the taco bell commercial is advertising their .99 cent menu... and you go to taco bell in Canada, don't plan on seeing that .99 cent taco, instead your soft taco will cost you 1.39
  • Thanksgiving is before Halloween (this Monday)
  • They have a thing called "Family Day" I think its like twice a year and you get the day off from work.
  • Squirrels are black here
  • A beanie is called a tuque

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