Thursday, November 12, 2009

Say good-bye to the GOAT! I think....

So about 2 weeks ago i developed a nasty what i think is an allergic reaction to something i ate (some of you were privileged enough to get my rash photos sent via email) not sure at the time what the hell it was but i laid low on the dairy and nuts.. Went to the doctor who stuck me on some steroid and allergy pills.. and the itching slowly stopped and the bumps began to fade... so what do i do last night? I have some goat cheese because of course I'm in denial and what happens this morning??? I start to ITCH again! Crap... I am still in denial that its the Goat Cheese... PLEASE NOT THE GOAT CHEESE, why cant it be like onions or green beans or flaki... Today is a sad day!


  1. what i suggest you do now is eat as much goat cheese as possible and force your body to accept it!

    make sure you keep your docs number on speed dial just in case you go into some crazy shock!

    love you! and why the hell did i not get a photo of your nasty rash! i sent you pictures of ZAPIEKANKI!!! does that not count for something?!

  2. Asia i will send you a photo of the nasty rash just so you feel in the loop.