Friday, March 19, 2010

Don't wear socks with holes...

When I first moved to Canada, one of the things that surprised me was that very few people wear their shoes in the house. Go into someones home and you leave your shoes by the door. I thought it was just a polish thing at first, but nope its everywhere, even the gym (which i have been attending regularly for the past 2 months) have just noticed a big fat sign in the front saying to leave your street shoes in the front and to have a second pair to put on indoors. Even at the tanning salon and the spa everyone that comes in leaves their shoes at the front.

One factor is undoubtedly the weather - when its wet, muddy, or snowy outside, you dont want to be tracking all that muck into your house or business but this "take your shoes off" rule also applies during the summer. Heres an example from last weeks b-day party I attended:

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